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Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)

Our Strategic Leadership Team consists of a passionate and talented set of people who are sold out for the vision and values of CV. They provide strategic oversight to the wider leadership team and the rest of the church family.
Jim Denison
Team Leader
    Daniel + Christina Hatfield
      Michelle Huggins
      Groups Coordinator & Compliance
        Fiona Keyte
        Community Projects
          Jim Leeves
          Finance and Inclusive Community Resources Coordinator
            Maria Redman
            Healing on the Streets, Pastoral and Prayer
              Simon and Maria Redman
              Healing on the Streets, Pastoral and Prayer
                Pauline Webborn
                Prayer & Pastoral Support
                  Phil Webborn
                  Property & Pastoral


                    Children & Youth

                    We are so blessed to have so many children and young people in our church family, and some amazing team to coordinate such fun and engaging activities, trips and Jesus – filled moments with them
                    If you fancy being on one of our teams, contact the guys here:
                    Tish Hampshire
                    Youth Team Leader

                      More Key Players

                      We Have a richly talented team who make CV happen in the background. Some of these are paid, others are voluntary roles. We’re so grateful for all of you!
                      Katy Araujo

                        Our Trustees

                        Our trustees use their expertise and background to keep a check on all things legal, fiscal and advise as needed. They are important cogs doing some crucial behind the scenes work to support our leaders to function with excellence.’  Should you wish to contact our Trustees, please email 
                        Anne Lyttle
                          Michelle Huggins
                          Groups Coordinator & Compliance
                            Jamie Anderson
                              Jim Denison
                              Team Leader