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Who are we?

A grace-fuelled, non-religious, community of disciples following Jesus.

Why do we exist?

To follow Jesus into life in His Kingdom in all possible fullness, and to invite others to join us as we do.

What are our values?

We are…

Real – Authentic and honest with each other and God.

Generous – All in, with everything.

Involved – We get to play and we get our hands dirty.

Creative – Inspired by our Creator towards innovation and risk-taking.

Dependent – Living life reliant on Jesus and His Kingdom.

Hopeful – Living expectantly because of what He has done and what He is doing


What do we do?

‘Be loved, be love, make disciples.’
Gather & Scatter

Our journey of faith is not just about a Sunday morning. We meet together regularly in inclusive gathered and scattered settings as we do life together.

Grow & Flourish

We believe that Jesus is always calling us into more, that we are not finished articles, and that we sharpen each other as we live out our journey of faith together. We are hungry to know what that looks like.

Commit & Envision

We commit our time, our skills and our resources to each other to have more impact together. We inspire and envision each other, sending and releasing those called to plant more churches and inclusive communities in other parts of the UK and the World, and hoping to lose count of the impact we are having.

Serve & Know

We follow Jesus’ words to love our neighbour, knowing each other and our community so well that we can serve them relevantly in their actual needs. When we gather together we serve each other by all playing a part as many hands make light work.

Celebrate & Encourage

We are intentional about spending time together to celebrate the journey we are on. We throw regular parties and celebrate and share Kingdom stories. Round a fire or dancing the night away is where you’ll find us.

Hunger & Pursue

We hunger and pursue God expectantly for more of His Kingdom breaking into our lives and into our communities.


Everything we do, we do intentionally, inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit.