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Communities are WHERE we “Do Life Together!”

Join a Community

CV Sunday morning gatherings are not the whole gig! We believe it’s great to make friends to hang out with during the week and journey with in a way that helps us seek to know God better and be more deeply affected by His Love and Grace.  We ask deep & honest questions and learn how to pray, worship, hear God and trust Him. We’d love to help you get connected with others!

We have several communities (or groups) who are journeying to becoming what we call an inclusive community which is explained below. We know that being part of a community that is experiencing all three aspects of life together doesn’t happen overnight, but we are committed to working in that direction.

What if you want to dip a toe? Find out more about this journey? or discover a way to invite your friends and neighbours to come along with you?
People meet in different forms; in their homes, at public places, some 
communities are for certain age groups, some are for growth and discipleship. The point is, there is something for YOU.

Perhaps you’ve been around CV for a while and want to start a new community?

The best way to find out more is to contact Michelle Huggins who oversees the development of communities and can link you in with rightperson. Email or complete the form below:

Get Involved!

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“Do Life Together!”

Communities are a “Family of People” living Life together with their Friends who perhaps may not have a relationship with God themselves.  It is inclusive because we long to share our journey with our friends wherever they may be in their own spiritual searching.

The three circles!

To help explain this, let us tell you about 3 circles!


This is where people from all walks of life and all backgrounds seek to know God better and be more deeply affected by His Love and His Liberating Grace.We ask deep & honest questions and learn how to pray, worship, hear God and trust Him.


This is where we DO LIFE. This circle is filled with coffee and meals together and board game nights and parties and good conversations. It is filled with babysitting for each other and going camping together. And this circle is filled with our friends who may not even believe in God but whom we love dearly. We think this can work best with anywhere between 20 & 70 people.


Impact is about those who populate the Inclusive circle step out intentionally together, and seeking the flourishing of their neighbourhoods, local schools and City!This will usually look like a project or two that everyone mobilises around and helps deliver.

Why Communities?

Because this is where our friends can meet Jesus.  We are passionate for our friends to meet Him!!  He loves them so much and wants to introduce them to His Life.  He died to meet them.  And in this “post-Christian” age we see IC’s as a safe, relational and authentic space for our friends to perhaps be affected by our love affair with Him. 

What if they never respond in that way? 

We will love them exactly the same.  Because that is what He does.