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What we exist to do

Here at Canterbury Vineyard we share the vision that our children are fully capable of accessing all God has for them, no matter where they are, or how old they are. With this in mind, we have a wonderful team who aim to facilitate building each child’s relationship with God!
We believe in bringing up disciples who impact their settings and situations with God at the centre.

What kids ministry looks like at CV.

On a Sunday our sessions aim to give children the opportunity to engage with stories from the Bible, whilst also making sure there is a practical application to everything they are learning.

We start our sessions with a time of worship and then begin our main session input; we are currently following the Kairos Quest curriculum, which aims to help children understand that God is active in their lives all the time!. After this, we usually have a time of craft and games, and end with a time we call “Chat and Catch” – which is our way to help children engage in prayer in a non-intimidating way.